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What brands does USNR support?
Where is USNR located?
I’m interested in talking with a salesperson about USNR’s equipment, with whom should I speak?

What equipment does USNR produce?
I just bought USNR equipment from another mill, what information can USNR provide?

Service Agreements
Why do I need a service agreement?
What do I get if I invest in a USNR Service Agreement?
What else do I get with a USNR Service Agreement?
Is there anything else I should know about a USNR Service Agreements?
What will a USNR Service Agreement cost me?


Q. What brands does USNR support?
A. USNR has grown steadily over the years and acquired many brands of equipment. We currently support equipment for the following brands:

Applied TheoryBushChip-N-Saw®Coastal™
Forano®HemcoInovec®Irvington Moore®
Kockums-CancarLetson & BurpeeLog Boss SystemsLumber Systems, Inc. (LSI)
Lunden IndustriesMann-RussellMcGehee™ Newnes™
Perceptron™Schurman MachineTrojanUkiah Machine
Washington Ironworks... and more  

To discuss other brands, please give us a call at 800.BUY.USNR (800.289.8767) or email us at Our parts and conversion teams will be glad to help you with your requests.

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Q. Where is USNR located?
A. USNR has seven (7) divisions located throughout North America. You can contact any of the divisions by calling 800.BUY.USNR (800.289.8767).

Eugene, OregonParksville, British Columbia
Jacksonville, FloridaPlessisville, Quebec
Painesville, OhioSalmon Arm, British Columbia
Woodland, Washington (USNR corporate headquarters) 

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Q. I’m interested in talking with a salesperson about USNR’s equipment, with whom should I speak?
A. Glad you asked! With exceptionally strong experience and unparalleled history in the wood processing industry, USNR is proud to share our confidence in our expanding sales team. USNR's sales team offers our clients fast response times, broad support, and deep product knowledge of all USNR equipment. USNR has developed a sales team you can look to as your partner.

Please call 800.BUY.USNR (289-8767) or +1.360.225.8267 to find the right person to answer your questions.

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Q. What equipment does USNR produce?
A. USNR is the largest U.S.-based manufacturer of capital equipment and advanced optimization and control systems for the manufacture of plywood and panels, dimensional lumber, and value added components such as fingerjointed material and glulam beams. Through strategic acquisitions, we have added depth and breadth to our product solutions and technical expertise. This allows USNR to offer a vast range of quality products for the smaller producer, and complete, fully integrated systems for the largest producer in the plywood and panel, solid wood and engineered wood products markets.

You can explore this website for detailed information on the equipment and systems we offer. You can also call us at 800.BUY.USNR (800.289.8767) or email us at, and we will be happy to send you additional information.

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Q. I just bought USNR equipment from another mill, what information can USNR provide?
A. USNR is proud of the long-lasting nature of our products. If USNR support was used exclusively during the prior life of the equipment, we can provide you with detailed information related to service calls, replacement parts, conversions, etc. If USNR was not exclusively used to support the equipment, we can provide you with service technician who will thoroughly examine the machine and provide you with a report of the machine’s current state. Of course, USNR can certainly supply you with an original product manual. Give us a call to discuss your needs further: 800.BUY.USNR (800.289.8767).

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Service Agreements

Q. Why do I need a service agreement?
A. Keeping your equipment in top working order provides many benefits to your mill and ultimately improves your bottom line. Regular service visits by USNR System Support Specialists will reduce down time due to machine failure, increase production, improve recovery and extend equipment life. To help you achieve these goals, USNR has established a maintenance service program consisting of a series of visits tailored to your individual requirements.

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Q. What do I get if I invest in a USNR Service Agreement?
A. * The number of visits for your mill will be tailored to your specific needs. A minimum of two visits per year are required to participate in the program.

* Prior to the maintenance shut down, the service representative will arrive at the mill and spend two to four hours observing the operation of the machine center being serviced, talking with the operators to determine if there are any specific problems, and meeting with your management team.

* During the shut down, the service representative (working with your people if desired) will perform the preventive maintenance service, and repair or replace (with parts from your spares inventory) any malfunctioning components.

* After the mill starts up, the service representative will remain on-site for another two to four hours. He will again observe the machine center in operation and brief your management team on his findings

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Q. What else do I get with a USNR Service Agreement?
A. Checklists and Reports:
Each time a service representative visits your mill, he will go through a detailed checklist of items for the particular machine center. You will receive a copy of the completed checklist along with any recommendations for mill personnel and items to be checked during future service visits. This approach provides continuity between visits and establishes a reference for mill personnel. It will also identify any problems found and allow you to track them until they are resolved.

TimberGrafx Plus Software Upgrades:
For systems currently running USNR's TimberGrafx package, implementing a maintenance agreement also entitles you to TimberGrafx software upgrades that become available during the time that the maintenance agreement is in effect. Upgrades may be downloaded from USNR or installed while the service representative is onsite.

System Backup:
As a part of the regular maintenance visit, the service representative will review existing computer software backup procedures. He will also make sure that the mill has a current backup for each system (including parameters).

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Q. Is there anything else I should know about a USNR Service Agreements?
A. YES! You also get the following:

Inventory Audit:
The service representative will review your current spares and make recommendations for spares that are considered critical to system operation. He may also make recommendations for normal wear items.

Extended Phone Support:
Trouble calls that extend beyond one hour are normally chargeable to the mill. Mills which have a maintenance agreement in place will not be charged if extended phone support is required for one of the machines included in the maintenance agreement.

USNR Training:
Training sessions may also be included as part of the maintenance agreement. These sessions are held at our offices in Woodland or at your mill.

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Q. What will a USNR Service Agreement cost me?
A. Service Rates:
Mills which sign up for maintenance agreements and schedule the visits for the coming year, will receive a reduced rate for these visits. Unscheduled emergency visits will still be billed at normal service rates.


Payment for the maintenance agreement will be in four equal payments with the first payment being due when the agreement is initiated. The remaining payments will be due on three-month intervals.

Visits will be scheduled at the time the maintenance agreement is initiated. Any changes to service dates need to be done at least three weeks prior to the visit. Maintenance visits are not scheduled during national holidays.

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